Why this Blog?

“Why don’t you just google it ?”

Like most of you, it was (and somehow still is) my favourite response to someone’s (obvious) questions. Being a millennial who always had a penchant for finding answers through “googling” – it always surprised me why people ask the same questions repeatedly in person, in online forums or in discussion groups wherein the answer could be found within a few seconds of internet research. But over time, it dawned upon me that what’s obvious to me is not apparent to everyone. Furthermore, there is a lot of information (especially in specific domains) that is not visible to netizens at first glance.

Being a multipotentialite – I am drawn to various subjects of interest and end up consuming a lot of content across varied topics and finding solutions to challenges that are not mainstream. More often than not, I read things that interest or excite me, talk about them briefly, or jot down notes or scribbles on the margins of papers. And there they sit…

This blog attempts to answer some of those questions and articulate those ideas and challenges. It will serve as a repository of loosely edited, stream-of-consciousness type posts on varying topics revolving around the general themes of FinTech, Personal Finance, Technology & Travel. However, I do not rule out the odd foray into less familiar territory. It will be a place not just to capture my thoughts but to engage in conversation with those who share these interests. We will learn more together than on our own.


The views expressed in this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of any other individual, entity or publication.

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