Manu Varghese
DevOps Engineer - Agile Evangelist - Consultant


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I am a Software professional who loves accelarated software development leveraging collaboration and holistic automation.

I am a technophile, coffee addict and a sapiosexual interested in a wide variety of subjects like technology, philosophy, economics, Fin-Tech etc.
When I am off-work, I enjoy travelling, reading and involving with technical meetup groups.

I maintain a post on my Setup at /Setup

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I’m a professional with more than 5 years of experience in design, development, testing and deployment of Software. I help enterprises deliver software faster and reliable by optimizing their way of working around people, process and technology.

I use an Agile & DevOps lens to view the software delivery pipeline and primarily focus on Continuous Integration and Delivery practices, pipelines etc. This approach helps the business & development teams to be more collaborative leading to early feedback cycles and improve the time to market.

I am currently employed with Infosys Ltd and provide DevOps & Agile specific consultation & services to global clients like HSBC Canada, Royal Bank of Scotland, Metrolinx (GTAA) etc.

I am a Scrum Alliance certified Scrum Master and a Microsoft certified Professional. Check out my linkedin to know more about my professional profile.


Are you looking for a DevOps / Agile professional who can assist in accelarating the software delivery pipeline?
I would love to associate with you and work together to create & deliver quality software - kindly contact me or drop me an email at

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